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[[underlined]] MUSEUM BUILDING. [[/underlined]]

The Museum Building has been maintained in the usual manner during the past year. 

[[underlined]] MUSEUM ANNEX. [[/underlined]]

The grounds have been maintained in the usual manner.
Admittance, as always, was granted to all applicants, and the attendance during the twelve months was 341.

[[underlined]] CHANGE IN STAFF. [[/underlined]]

The only changes in the staff during the fiscal year have been in regard to the outside day watchmen as follows:
Charles Mauger resigned in July, and in the same month
Peter J. McGoldrick was appointed in his position.

[[underlined]] EXPEDITIONS. [[/underlined]]

Due to economic conditions, few expeditions were undertaken this year.

[[underlined]] Maine. [[/underlined]] Mr. E. K. Burnett made an archaeological investigation at Moose River, Somerset County, and recovered many interesting artifacts.
[[underlined]] Florida and North Carolina. [[/underline]] During his vacation, Mr. William F. Stiles visited the Seminoles and Cherokees, and was fortunate to obtain specimens needed by the Museum to fill gaps in its collections from those tribes.

[[underlined]] COLLECTIONS PRESENTED. [[/underlined]]

Blair S. Williams - a Trustee of the Museum, has          
                    given during the fiscal year 
                    a most valuable collection 
                    of 401 specimens of   
                    archaeology from various 
                    states. There are many 
                    unique specimens in this 
                    collection of which the
                    Museum had no