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George C. Kingsley - A very unique collection of 11 pieces of California archaeology from the pre-Columbian Chumash Indian village sites. These specimens are of a type that have not been recorded before.

Erwin Krueger - A miscellaneous collection of 268 archaeological pieces from North America, including an unusual serpent-shaped pipe from the Choctaw Indians.

Claude Lionel Turner - A collection of 227 archaeological specimens form local sites, mostly in the Borough of the Bronx. 

Mrs. Joel Prescott Heatwole - A collection made by Mr. Heatwole between 1880 and 1900, consisting of 69 ethnological specimens, principally baskets from southwestern United States.

Wenner Gren Expedition - A collection of 458 ethnological specimens from the general area of the borders of Peru, Ecuador and Brazil, containing very complete collections from the Bora, Yagua, Uitoto, Campa and Kareneri tribes; that from the latter being the first known collected among those Indians.

Additionally important individual specimens were presented as follows: 

Mr. and Mrs. O.T. Littleton - Three unique examples of archaeology from the coast of California.

J. Kenneth Horton - A kayak, equipped with a paddle, float and skirt, from the Eskimo of East Greenland. 

Miss Eleanor Sherman Fitch - A very old and fine Navaho blanket. 

Your Director was fortunate in obtaining a good example of the massive type of totem pole from the Haida Indians of Alaska. By the aid of the generous gift of a mast by our Trustee Mr. Henry L. Ferguson, it has been erected in the court of the Museum.