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[[underlined]] COLLECTIONS ACQUIRED. [[/underlined]]

Melville Decker - A collection of 313 pieces of archaeology from Staten Island, Borough of Richmond, New York.

David B. Stout - An important ethnological collection of 163 pieces, including a painted dugout from the Cuna Indians, San Blas, Panama. 

G. Owen Bonawit - An important group of 36 pipe tomahawks, being the result of 30 years collecting of this special type of ethnology. This group of specimens contains many examples that have not been represented in the Museum's collections.

Jean B. Johnson - A most interesting collection of 40 masks and 3 baskets from the Opata Indians of northern Mexico. These are the first specimens from that tribe that the Museum has obtained. 

[[underlined]] BEQUESTS. [[/underlined]]

Forty per cent of the bequest of ten thousand dollars, left the Museum by the late John J. Schmitt, has been paid during the fiscal year. 

[[underlined]] LOAN EXHIBITS. [[/underlined]]

Museum of Modern Art - 14 archaeological and ethnological specimens were loaned to their Traveling Exhibit of Indian Art.

William Howard Taft High School - 18 specimens of ethnology, for the opening of their new building in the Bronx.

The American Numismatic Society - 5 specimens of wampum.