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[[underlined]] GIFTS. [[/underlined]]

The following made gifts to the Museum of specimens and other objects: 

Altman, B. and Company
American Education Press
Amerind Foundation, Inc.
Archaeological Society of Delaware
Archaeological Society of New Jersey
Artists and Writers Guild
Barbeau, Dr. C. Marius
Bedell, Deaconness Harriet M. 
Briesemeister, William
Buffalo Museum of Science
Burnett, E.K.
Bryant, Miss Grace
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Carter, Miss Henrietta M. 
Chatfield, Charles T. 
Colpitts, Charles P. 
Comision Nacional Argentina
Connecticut Historical Society
Connor, Sydney
Cordry, Donald B.
Cranbrook Institute of Science
De Pauw, Victor
Denver Art Museum
Donoghue, David
Drew, C.A.
Eppley, Dr. Marion
Everitt, Egbert C.
Fejos, Dr. Paul
Fenstermaker, Gerald B.
Ferguson, Henry L.
Fitch, Miss Eleanor Sherman
Gila Pueblo
Gill, J.S.
Gillingham, Harrold E. 
Gladwin, H.S.
Graham, Mrs. Sinclair
Great Northern Railway Co.
Hamlin, Chauncey J.
Harkins, Lee F.
Hatch, Payson
Hawley, Dr. Florence
Heatwole, Mrs. Joel Prescott
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. William M.
Heye, Dr. George G.
Historical Records Survey of New Jersey
Historical Survey Works Progress Administration
Horton, J. Kenneth
Hudson's Bay Company
Huntington, Henry E. Library and Art Gallery
Illinois State Historical Society
Indiana Historical Society
Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia
John Carter Brown Library
Johnson, Frederick
Johnson, Jean Bassett
Jordan, L.V.
Keppler, Joseph
Kingsley, George C.