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[[underlined]] PUBLICATIONS. [[/underlined]]

The sale of publications amounted to $282.96 and of the two series of post cards to $37.35.

[[underlined]] PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT. [[/underlined]]

Moving picture film, negative (None added during the year) 20,135 Feet
Moving picture film, positive (None added during the year) 35,471 Feet
Negatives (An increase of 233 during the year) 22,907
Prints (An increase of 121 during the year) 15,370
Lantern slides (None added during the year) 1,381
Glass positives (None added during the year) 58

[[underlined]] EXCHANGES. [[/underlined]]

Birney S. Pierce - a stone gouge and 5 pipe tomahawks - for an unusual pot from Troy, New York, and 13 archaeological pieces, principally from North East.

W.R. Paalen - by which we received 4 pieces of Mexican archaeology for 4 Northwest Coast ethnological specimens.

Archibald Rutledge - an Ohio banner-stone - for 16 rock crystal arrows and scrapers from South Carolina.

Frank G. Speck - A Naskapi toy cross-bow, 10 of our publications and 7 Naskapi models of hunting and fishing traps - for a Houma mortar and pestle, 3 cross-bows from the Mohegan, Seneca and Rappahannock tribes, and a yucca bag from the latter. 

That still pending with the Karl-May Museum of Dresden, Germany, remains unconsummated. 
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