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[[underlined]] LOANS. [[/underlined]]

Nine loans were accepted during the year. There is every reason to believe most of these loans will eventually become the property of the Museum. 

Alfred Z. Baker - Plains and Southwestern ethnology 115
Charles B. Colpitts - Mexican head-jar 1
Andrus Cowles - Sioux, Crow, Apache, Eskimo ethnology 6
Arthur Billings Hunt - Eskimo ethnology 5
Dolly Jarbeau - Peruvian archaeology 4
D. Brainerd Legters - Mexican archaeology 23
Edna B. and J.H. Waugh - Plains ethnology 82
Virginia Greenway Wilson - Plains ethnology 11
John Knapp Hollins II - Painted muslin back-drop (Plains) 1

[[underlined]] SIZE OF COLLECTIONS. [[/underlined]]

There have been added to the collections during the past fiscal year 3,267 specimens, and there are now in the entire collection catalog entries running consecutively to 205,235, an increase during the year of 1,564. 

[[underlined]] DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY. [[/underlined]]

During the past fiscal year the routine of the Department was carried on as usual.

New accessions to the physical collections during that period comprise the following items: 

Skeletal remains - in a fair state of preservation and consisting of: 

Skull with mandible
Seven cervical vertebrae
Right clavicle (without its sternal extremity)
The bones quite probably belonged to a White man
City Hall Park site
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