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At the annual meeting the Chairman submitted a proposed budget for the fiscal year 1945-1946, with a comparative statement showing the budget for the year 1944-1945, as adopted, and a statement of the actual expenditures for the latter period. On motion, duly made and seconded, the proposed budget for the year 1945-1946 as submitted by the Chairman was approved and adopted.

The Treasurer presented reports at all meetings.

The Director reported two gifts from Mr. Archer M. Huntington, one of $25,000 in cash, which the Treasurer was instructed to invest in United States Treasury bonds and set aside as a reserve fund, the other fit consisting of $25,000 U. S. A. Treasury 2-1/2s 1967-72.

Authorization was given to complete the Tlingit house on the grounds of the Bronx Annex.

[[underlined]] REPORT OF ATTENDANCE [[/underlined]]

The Museum was closed to the public during July and August last summer, as has been our usual custom.

For last Fiscal Year, April 1, 1945 - March 31, 1946


March...[[underlined]] 1,809 [[/underlined]]
Total  12,934

Annex Attendance  506

Grand Total  13,440

For previous Fiscal Year the attendance was 12,773
Total since opening of the Museum 789,183

44 special groups of schools, clubs, etc. visited the Museum.

Inquiries by letter, telephone or in person, regarding Indian subjects were answered through the year to a total of 1,106.

The Museum remains open to the public from 2:00 P. M. to 5:00 P. M. on week days.

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