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Mr. J. A. L. Moller - 58 specimens of Mexican archaeology

Miss Caroline C. Haynes - 131 archaeological specimens mostly from various areas in New York but including pieces from other locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, all collected by her brother, William De Forest Haynes.

Mrs. Henry C. Quinby - 57 specimens of ethnology from Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Mr. Henry L. Ferguson - an eagle feather headdress from the Cheyenne

Mr. Philip J. Launer - a miniature pottery jar from the Bell Farm, Minisink, New Jersey.

Mr. William F. Stiles - 747 archaeological specimens, all but five of which are from sites in New York City, Long Island and central New York; and 3 specimens of ethnology.

[[underlined]] LOAN EXHIBITS [[/underlined]]

All the loan exhibits reported a year ago have been returned to us except the small collection being employed by the Russell Sage Foundation for the instruction of the blind. This has been extended through the year 1946.

[[underlined]] GIFTS [[/underlined]]

Ackernecht, Dr. Erwin H.
Agnew, Mrs. P. G.
Ashcroft, G. B.
Attleboro Museum of Natural History
Bacon, Miss Catherine
Banco de la Republica Colombia
Barker, Joseph L.
Barr, Mrs. Robert A.
Bijur, Harry
Blauvelt, Hiram B. D.
Boggs, Prof. R. S.
Bourgeouis, Julia F.
Brandeberry, Miss Julia
Brooks, Edward
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. James W.
Burnett, E. K.
Carlebach, Julius
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Central School District No. 1, North Salem, N. Y.
Chicago Museum of Natural History
Connfelt, Mrs. Oscar Pierson
Cordry, Donald B.