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of whom Whaley was one in consequence started with one wagon which they took as far as McKie's camp of [[blank space]] where their cattle were stolen by the Indians. They left San Francisco on the 7th May & reached the bay June 22d.'50.

Sandsbury, the Kelseys and others with Sebring as guide left Sonoma early in the spring and reached the bay on the last of April.
I.C. Butler & a frenchman came [[there? thru?]] the same summer with a drove of cattle & another party still with Capt Connor as pilot.
Huestis after the loss of his wagons, struck off for the Trinity. The Humboldt trail to the Trinity mines was cut after Whaleys arrival & to intersect that for Union.
The Indians were very numerous on the bay when the whites first arrived - some have been killed and other gone up Van Dusen's fork.

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Bernard Nordheimer. 

Left S.F. on the Galinda, [[Nordens?]], [[sn.?]]. on March 15. 1850. and reached Trinidad April 4th They found two huts there already & Shaw, Major Graham and two others who had been landed by the Laura Virginia a couple of days before. The Galinda's party of 40 men all landed there. They like the rest were in search of the mouth of the Trinity. The Cameo had likewise been there previously. They fitted out two boats, one to go down, the other up the coast, the first capsized at the mouth of Mad River and three out of the five in her were drowned. The other boat went up some 25 miles and there met a party coming down from Paragon bay. They were part of the Cameo's Passengers, that vessel having stopped there to take in [[spiles?]]. Ehrenburg, Bullitt, Kaber, Gans & other were among them. [[strikethrough]] others [[/strikethrough]] Five others of whom Bertrand was one [[strikethrough]] were [[/strikethrough]] had started to come down in a boat but [[strikethrough]] was [[/strikethrough]] the boat was swamped and four of them drowned.
This party did not mention the discovery of the mouth of the Klamath or Trinity as they then thought it, until after their arrival at Trinidad when they disclosed it, and invited the Galinda party to join them in making a location, Nordheimer, Gullion, Stinch-