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field went up with them. They located on the island and two days after the Laura Virginia came in. This was in the middle of May. The Sierra Nevada, Edwards [[sn.?]] also entered, both landed passengers & provisions. Nordheimers party located on the island, the Sierra Nevada's on the south side of the river at "Klamath City". Both places were laid off for towns.
Before these vessels came in a party of 12 in 3 canoes went up the river to explore. About 25 miles up two of them capsized and one man was drowned. The other canoe returned, the Indians being numerous & threatening. Three men from the other canoes went back with them and the remaining four hired a canoe but were taken ashore against their will and robbed by the Indians. They afterwards succeeded in getting a second canoe to take them down. Another expedition of ten men went up in a whale boat as far as the falls above Youngs ferry. Gullion & Dr Willett proceeded to the forks by land & there came to the conclusion that the southern branch was the Trinity. They returned & reported that the Trinity was a branch of the Klamath. The river being in a good stage & concluding that this was the proper site the towns were then laid off as before mentioned.

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In June [[strikethrough]] [Nordheimer] [[/strikethrough]] Moore & Taggart had come up from Trinidad with horses and mules. McDermot also. They went up with a party from the mouth of Klamath as far as the forks. Moore and Taggart returned by water, the rest by land with the animals to Trinidad. On the return of Moore & Taggart, about the middle of June, Nordheimer Maxwell & Johnston went with them down the coast to Trinidad & on their way down discovered Gold Bluff, gathering some of the sand.
In July Gullion Robison Dr Willett Parkman & Thompson went up the Klamath in Canoes - Marks, Stinchfield & Nordheimer went back to Trinidad with the mules & were to meet them at the forks, on their way down on this trip, they met others to the number of 50 some from Trinidad others from the Trinity going round to the Salmon which had been discovered from the Trinity diggings - McDermot Taggart and others having reported the existence of gold. Before their arrival one other party had gone up & been robbed of their mules by the Indians. Gullion on reaching the forks found that McDermot & Taggarts party with their mules had gone on to Red cap's bar, & went after them. On the night of Nordheimer's arrival a detachment came down to the forks. They all joined killed 15 Indians & burned the three ranches. A party was then fitted out to go to