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ing and transportation.

The work of reorganizing the north-east court has been suspended during these two months, but it is hoped that as soon as the floors are cleared up it will be possible to make a creditable exhibition in that space at once. In the east hall, we have commenced to set up comprehensive exhibits of smaller or greater size, to set forth the apparatus and processes of well known typical arts and industries. Upon the north side, the house and such occupations as are connected with house life. Upon the south side, the evolution of tools and apparatuses connected with trades.

During the last part of February, Doctor Franz Boas came to work upon the north-west coast collections. Since that time all of us have devoted our energies to having the material brought together in such-a-way as to make it convenient for him to do his work.

The Curator reports that from the first of January he has ceased to enter loan collections in the regular catalogue of the Museum, and has set apart a special book for this purpose so that, hereafter, in reporting accessions to the Museum there will be two sets of numbers; those devoted to ma-