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Certificates of church membership and good moral character will be required of all applicants for admission. The term  opens Oct. 1st and ends June 1st. Applications for admission may be made to Rev. H. B. Frissell, Hampton, Va., Box 10. 

Work Students and Night Classes.

The object of this class for day work and night study is not to give an opportunity to make money, but to create a chance for those who have little or no means, and very limited education, to acquire skill in labor, wholesome discipline, character, and a good English education, the school accepting their labor as payment for board and clothing. They are expected to complete their course; to leave without reasons satisfactory to the Faculty is to defeat the object of the class, and to prevent others from getting what we desire to give, namely, a good education, with an industrial training.
The accumulated earnings of students are held as a bond for the fulfilment of their own original purpose of getting an education, and for that of the school, and will be forfeited if students shall be sent away or leave for reasons not satisfactory to the Faculty. Those who shall leave with the approval of the Faculty will forfeit one-third of their cash earnings from the first. Cash earnings, so called, are what is earned besides board. 

Able-bodied, capable young men and women of good character, without means and of limited education, are encouraged to apply for admission on the following terms: 

1. To work steadily all day for at least an entire year from the time of entering (usually October 1st) and study two hours five nights a week. 

Note. -- No one need apply who is not well and strong and capable of doing a man's or woman's work. None under seventeen years of age need apply. 

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