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525 S Central Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., March 23, 1953…
My dear Dr. Patterson:   (Holsey and Scott are friends.)
Among your many friends and well-wishers, I consider myself to be one.  Your resignations as president of Tuskegee may hamper the speed of sepia progress in the South.

I recall kindness of Dr. Moton, Treas. Logan, and Dr. Carver. One weeks’ board and room were given me to finish my poem “Washington and Tuskeg In Verse”, 1925; and after Dr. Moton accepted revised poem in 1935-’36, your gratuity offered me three year Dietetics Scholarship upon “Washington and Tus-kegee In Verse”.   
Send catalogue.

Boosting you for U.S. Treas., 
In Jesus, [[signed]]Wright E Harris, Sr.[[signed]]