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 "Arriving in a Chrysler is a tough act to follow"  
Authorized Dealers Chrysler Motor Corporation
[[image - black & white photograph of a Woman's head]]

Time: The past fifteen years
Place: West Greenwich Village
Setting: Johnny's Bar

There will be two ten minute intermissions

"No Place to be Somebody" is dedicated to the late Sidney Bernstein producer of "The Blacks"

UNDERSTUDIES & STANDBYS never substitute for listed player unless a specific announcement for the appearance is made at the time of the performance

STANDBYS:  for Johnny - Frank Adu; Gabe - David Pendleton; Sweets - Lee Roy Giles.

UNDERSTUDIES:  For Dee and Mary Lou - Rebecca Nahas; For Santy and Cappaletti - Jim Jacobs; For Maffucci - Peter Savage; For Cora and Evie - Jeannie Jurgun; For Melvin - Malcolm Hurd.

{The Pleasure Principle.  As long as you're going to spend the money for a good scotch, why not spend a little more and get a great scotch.
J&B Rare
86 Proof Blended Scotch Whisky, @ 1971 Paddington Corp., N.Y. 10020]


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[[copyright symbol]] 1971 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Winston Salem, N. C.

[[Cartoon with Word Balloons]]
Doral Makes the Scene

[[First cartoon box]]
[[Word Balloons ]]
Talking Cue the 1,000 warriors...cue the red sea....Cue the.....
Taste Me  Taste me

[[Second cartoon box]]
[[Word Balloons]] 
Cut!  We're making "The Seven Pharaohs" - not a musical
Taste me
But Signor Capellini  This is doral - the low "tar" and nicotine cigarette.

[[Third cartoon box]]
[[Word Balloons]] 
With low "tar" and nicotine  How can it talk about [[underline]] taste [[/underline]]?
Try It

[[Fourth cartoon box]]
[[Word Balloons]]
Doral....your taste is exceeded only by my genius
Taste me

 [[image - photograph of cigarette filter]]
The filter system you'd need a scientist to explain..but Doral says it in two words, "Taste me"

[[Image - photograph of Doral cigarette box package]]

[[Image - photograph of Doral cigarette box package]]

FILTER: 14 mg. "tar". 0.9 mg. nicotine.  MENTHOL: 13 mg. "tar", 1.0 mg. nicotine, av. per cigarette FTC Report Nov. '70.
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