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Visits of Pupils to Private Physicians and Dentists

[[image - black & white photograph of pupils]]
[[caption]] Mrs. A. B. Finlayson, Principal, Birney School, is congratulating this group of pupils on their cooperative efforts in correcting their physical defects. [[/caption]]

To The Dental Clinic

I went to the dentist and it was a busy place.

The dental clinic office is located in the Howard University Dental Clinic. I saw on dentist shining and cleaning his tools, and other dentists working on children and adults.

The dentist uses sharp-pointed tools. One of the tools is a long, metal instrument with a small mirror to look and see if you have a cavity. Another one is a pointed instrument to clean out the food. The dentist puts cotton in your mouth so that you tongue can't get in the way.

You should go to the dentist at least three times a year. The dentist cleans teeth, pulls teeth and straightens crooked teeth. The dentist tells you to cut down on the sweets because too much sweets will cause decay.

Our teeth have certain work to do, such as chewing food and biting. First you have baby teeth or milk teeth and you start losing these teeth when you're about seven years old. Then you get your second set of teeth and those teeth are called permanent teeth.

Since our permanent teeth will stay with us all the rest of our lives, we must keep them clean and healthy. We can keep them if we obey the rules of the dentist.

Cynthia Sealey, Age 8
E. H. Polk, Teacher

My Trip to the Dentist

One morning I went to the dentist. Do you go to the dentist? I go to the dentist with my mother. I like to go to the dentist.

Sylvia Butler, Age 6
J. W. Day, Teacher

My Trip to the Dentist
I went to the dentist with my Mother. I sat in a big chair. Then the nurse gave me a needle. It made me feel good. The dentist worked on my teeth. Then we went home.

Alida Grymes, Age 6
J. W. Day, Teacher

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