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 T. Douglas Davidson
 Perry Howard
 Lewis Doby
Public Relations:
 Andrew F. Jackson
Real Estate:
 Mrs. Corova Valentine
 Mr. John R. Pinkett 
 Mr. Carl Moultrie
 Mrs. Beatrice Harvey
 Mrs. Anna Stern
 Mrs. C. C. House
 Mrs. Marjorie Parker
 Mr. Allen Griffith
 Mr. James Squire
 Mr. Robert McGuire, Jr.
 Mrs. Estelle Webster
 Rev. A. Joseph Edwards
 Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart
 Mrs. Mary Church Terrell
 Mrs. Beatrice Butcher

 Mrs. Gladys Scott Wheeler
   Chairman Hostesses Guild
 Mrs. Louise Mosby,
   Treasurer Hostesses Guild
 Mrs. Clyde Johnson,
   Chairman Hostesses Guild
 Mrs. Adealine Cousins,
   Chairman Social Committee
 Mrs. Martha Herrod,
   Chairman Fraternal
 Miss Camille Nickerson,
   Chairman Musical Teachers Guild
 Mr. Louis V. Jones.
   Chairman Symphony
 Miss Ruth Logan
 Mrs. Bettie Mansfield Miles
 Mrs. Della Bundy Turner
 Mrs. Marguerite Tasco,
   Chairman Meals

 John & Drew Eberson
 Johannes & Murray

 Herbert Marshall
 Langston Taylor
 Jesse Keene

 Mrs. Pearlie Cox Harrison
 Mr. Tress Anderson
 Mr. Al Sweeney
 Mr. Eric Roberts

 Mrs. Mozelle Barton
 Mrs. Mozelle Henderson
 Mrs. Suzie Green
 Mrs. Carrie Hawkins
 Mrs. Bessie Barbour
 Mrs. Millie Baskett
 Mrs. Ethel Hunt
 Mrs. Estelle Webster
 Mrs. Kittie Byars,

Souvenir Program:
 Mrs. Bulah McLane
 Mrs. Grace Jones

 Miss Barbara Edwards
 Miss Rita Carrington
 Miss Audrey Rodgers
 Miss Elizabeth Anderson
 Mrs. Sally Collins
 Mrs. Sephronia Barbour
 Mrs. Mehetabel Lorance
 Mrs. Kay Hedgeman Taylor
 Mrs. Rebecca Watt
 Rev. G. Etinne
 Rev. Abdullah Azeeze
 Mr. Charles Dines
 Mrs. Marvina Wellington
 Mr. Walter M. Dawson,

Best Wishes


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