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[[strikethrough]] Went to hotel for dinner and there met Rev. R. Smith, the Baptist State Secretary for Rural Churches. [[/strikethrough]]

He introduced me to the Co. Sup't., Miss

Mr. Cousins, a cousin of Bob's & a native of Cedar Co.; to Mr. Van ___ a banker; Mr ____ & Son, the latter in general merchandise, former a banker; Dr. May, an S.U.I. grad; doctor [[S.Z.?]] of park; druggist ______.

Mr Smith was both ordained and married here.
Before dinner I called on Mr. Wm. J. Lanbender, city clerk, who promised to get well-records.  

In the afternoon I looked up 

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Mr. Henry Newman in charge of well drill, and Mr. R. Locke, his assistant.  They represent the J.P. Miller Artesian Well Co, Chicago.

Obtained from him the following record:

Soil at top
At 33 ft - 4 or 5 ft. of sand,
At 500 ft., 2 ft. of dark material, like coal.
Below 500 ft., to 1140, - shale
From 1140-2000, - limestone streaked with belts of shale 2-5 ft. wide.  The limestone is gray and white mixed.
Water mostly at 1425 ft.
Then 50 ft. of green shale.
Then 55 ft. of gray sandstone which they called St. Peters S.S. Took samples of last at 10-15 ft. and 25-30 ft.
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