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[[circled]] 59 [[/circled]]

[[underlined]] Cebus capucinus [[/underlined]], Aug. 23, 1961, V               

Find both animals in approximately the same position I left them this morning. Osk crouching on floor. Josè pacing on branches.

Osk's crouch is still more or less clutching. He "greets" my appearance by superimposing a lot of patterns on the crouch. Almost continuous bouncing and SS. When I first appeared, this bouncing and SS was accompanied by S Trll's. Then he began Lsh's. Lsh's first accompanied by S Trll's, then by rather ambiguous B's, apparently including both AlB's and abbreviated BB's. Then he performed a long series of different patterns jumbled together in apparently random order. Periods of silent "Pseudo-suckling". Periods of S Trll-ing. Many Lsh's. Most of the Lsh's with abbreviated B patterns.  Probably also including both AlB's and abbreviated BB's. A few Lsh's with S Trll's. All superimposed upon continuous bouncing and SS.

All this is quite reminiscent of Osk's behavior up in the animal house a few days ago. His repertory seems to be quite standardized now.

Once Osk interrupts his reaction to me to do silent MO toward Josè! I am now fairly certain that this silent MO is a low intensity alarm reaction. Lower intensity than AlB or Q. Probably (?) not containing any friendly component.

Then Osk starts to move around. Again immediately starts to utter MGB's. Also a few Squ's.

Still ignoring Josè almost completely.

Osk seems quite upset when an adult ♂[[male symbol]] Spider Monkey suddenly lands on top of the cage. Utters a lot of single AlB notes. Alternated with periods of silent MO. MO sometimes with light trace of BT, but not usually. Once utters 2 [[circled]] AlB-Q [/circled]] notes, in rapid succession ____ ____ , instead of typical single AlB note. All these notes, and the MO, accompan
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Transcription Notes:
Discovered on a later page that Osk is short for Oskar, so I changed all Orks to Osk. Also discovered that Lsh = Lateral shaking of head. So I changed Lili to Lsh.

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