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[[circled]] 61 [[/circled]]
[[underlined]] Cebus capucinus, [[/underlined]]  Aug. 23, 1961, VII 

-hing [[watching]] Osk. Leave 6:10.
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Thinking things over, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Osk's  SS (or SS & bounce) were a "learned signal".

[[underlined]] Cebus capucinus [[/underlined]], I  September 14, 1966
Barro Colorado

7:53 am. Barbour Trail. Come across group A.

One AlB when we first arrive

Then several single MGB's (very plaintive) by sub-adult near us. Sometimes with JUD. Sometimes without.

NOTE: This group is used to being fed by Oppenheimer. Sub adult uttering MGB's is approaching us.

MGB's usually with little or no facial expression. Possibly PL.

7:59. Now several more inds. approaching. Adults?  All uttering occas. single MGB's and [[circled]] MGB-AlB [[/circled]]'s.

Single Double-toothed Kite with band. 

Group rather widely scattered. Inds ranging 2-100 ft apart. 10-75 ft up.

More plaintive MGB's. Also S Trll's & Wstl's in neighborhood. Apparently all uttered by 1 ind (invisible).

Now see ind. uttering S Trll's. It is 1/2 grown young. Quite independent.

Band gradually moves off. Stop vocalizing when they get some distance from us. (Altho [[underlined]] still [[/underlined]] making noisy movements) Then start to utter more MGB's and S Trll's when we catch up 

Transcription Notes:
Discovered on another page that Osk is short for Oskar, so I changed all Orks to Osk.

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