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tiles of monastery at Ling Sioh.
31 Eptesicus - Common at Ling Sioh monastery
32 Scotophus - One taken at Ling Sioh monastery
33 Urus - A black bear said to occur near Yenping in the fall ^[[Heeng]]
34 Canis (red wolf) said to occur only in winter, common then on mts at Heng Hoing. ^[[Sung]]
35 Monkey - a small ape said to occur in mts above & beyond Yenping. ^[[Danh]]
36 Sambar deer - a specimen seen in Yenping market last year but astray; very rare in Fokien
37 Lutra - ^[[Tee-ack]]  Said to be common on streams no tracks seen by us.
38 Brown weasel - yellow belly  One caught at Ling Sioh
^[[Yellow rat]] ^[[Uong chee]]
39 Paradoxurus ^[[Bah-Bee-Gung]] ^[[White-nosed]]
One caught at Ling Sioh & at Longtom
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