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30.6.35 AM cont. Slaheny Wood, SK cont.

[[underlined]] Gorytes mystaceus [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]] 
[[underlined]] Nysson spinosus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]]
[[underlined]] Crabro chrysostomus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]], 1 [[female symbol]] seen.
[[underlined]] C. leucostomus [[/underlined]] a few [[female symbol]] & [[male symbol]].
[[underlined]]  C. varius [[/underlined]] too abundant.
[[underlined]]  C. [[strikethrough]] styrius [[/strikethrough]] capitosus [[/underlined]]
 [[strikethrough]] 1 [[male symbol]] 1 [[female symbol]] [[/strikethrough]] 2 [[2 male symbols]], on oak, one with hind metatarsus testaceum the other with them dark.
[[underlined]] C. tibiale [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]].

[[underlned]] Salius notatulius [[/underlined]] [[?]] [[checkmark]], 1 [[female symbol]].
[[underlined]] Pompilus nigerrimus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] common.

[[underlined]] Tenthredella livida [[/underlined]] 1 black [[female symbol]] seen.
[[underlined]] Fenusa pumila [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[female symbol]] on birch.
[[underlined]] Athalia [[/underlined]] sp. abundant : none taken.
[[underlined]] Eriocampa ovata [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] on alder.

[[underlined]] Foenus assectator [[underlined]] : 1 [[male symbol]] at stick, by stump.

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[[loose leaf pieces of paper obscuring text]]

With compliments from
[[pencil line leading to Captain C Diver]]

^[[2.  Strongylognathus [[deveri?]] Davis
Studland Heath 

Captain C. Diver,
40 Pembroke Square,

^[[Your cards and letter sent separately

[[underlined]] CW [[/underlined]]

Transcription Notes:
Species and localities checked, transcribed as written. -@siobhanleachman

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