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Bombus lap. luc. ag. jan. hort. muse. derham.
Psithyrus barb. dist. camp.
Andrena all. ang. fucata. sub. round. minut. [[checkmark]] ! coitana. gwyn.
[[underlined]] A. tarsata, humilis, denticulata [[/underlined]] 
Halictus sub. calc. alb. frey. punit. tum. leuc. [[strikethrough]] ( [[/strikethrough]]] nit. [[checkmark]] [[strikethrough]] ) [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] H. lativentris [[/underlined]] 
Sphec. mon. div. hyal. aff.
Nomada marsh. suf. hill. flavo. obt. [[Fabriciana?]] rufipes
Hylaeus min. [[underlined]] confusus [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Colletes mont. succinctus [[/underlined]]
Megachile willugh. versicolor 
[[Coelings?]] [[strikethrough]] sp [[/strikethrough]] 2 spp?

[[boxed]] List of Aculeates taken at Glengarriff, &c. June - July 1935 by A.W.S. [[/boxed]]

[[strikethrough]] 44 [[/strikethrough]] 49.?

[[first column]]
Spilomena trog.
Pemphredon shuck. & lethifer lugubris
Psenulus pallipes
Mellinus. Gorytes. Nysson.
Agenia variegata
Pompilus nig. (red sp.)
Salius fuse. notat. exaltatus
Ceropales mac.
Odynerus 1 tonig. 1 tum. pict. 3-fasc.
   3-marg. sinuatus.
Vespa only. 
Chrysis ignita
[[/first column]]

[[second column]]
Formica fusca,
Lasius niger, flavus, fulig. ambratus?
Myrmica rug. laev. seab. schencki

Crabro chryst. vagus. dim. 4-mac. varius, palm. tibiates, [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] [[stegnus?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[/underlined]] capitosus pelt. cav. citratus [[ilavipes?]]
Lindenius albilabris
[[/second column]]

50 [[strikethrough]] 49 [[/strikethrough]]

99. [[strikethrough]] 98. 75 95 29 [[/strikethrough]]

Transcription Notes:
I added "[[strikethrough]] 44 [[/strikethrough]] 49.?" after the boxed note.--thomasc

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