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30.6.35 AM. cont.  Slaheny Wood, SK. cont.
[[underlined]] Euphorum pallidipus [[/underlined]] 3 [[2 female symbols]]. [[underlined]] Microplitis
[[/underlined]], 1 [[male symbol]].
[[underlined]] Macrocentrus [[/underlined]] marginator ? 1 [[male symbol]], very small & only 43 segments in antenae
[[underlined]] Gnamptodon pumilio [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]].

[[underlined]] Dacnusa [[/underlined]] cf. [[underlined]] [[talarani?]] [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]] caught flying at honeymede.
[[underlined]] D. "pallidistigma"[[/underlined]]? 1 [[female symbol]] swept.
[[underlined]] Aspilota (Synaldis) "longicornis" [[/underlined]] 1 [[male symbol]] in marsh.
All above labelled 
[[boxed]] Slaheny Wd. Co. SK. AWS, 30.6.35. [[/boxed]]
! [[underlined]] Strangalia aurulenta [[/underlined]] 4 [[2 male symbols]] at oak stump.

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30.6.35, aft. Slaheny valley, above Slahaney Bridge, as on previous afternoon.  All sunny, but cooler breeze.
River bank, about a mile above bridge = 1
Oak & willow on left scarp of river just above - school = 2,
[[underlined]] Bombus agrorum & lucorum [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]] seen.
[[underlined]] Andrena coitana & fucalia [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]].

[[note on right side of page]] Labelled
[[boxed]] Slaheny V. Co. SK. AWS 30.6.35 [[/boxed]] [[/note]]

[[underlined]] Nomada ruficornis [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]].
[[underlined]] Mellinus arvensis [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]]
[[underlined]] Crabro varius, dimdiatus [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] Pompilus nigerrimus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]]
[[underlined]] Odynerus trifasciatus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]]

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30.6.35. PM. cont. Slaheny valley, SK. cont.
[[underlined]] Cimbex [[/underlined]] sp.? seen for some time on top most twig of an alder tree at 1 but quite out of reach: possibly a [[male symbol]] [[underlined]] C. connata [[/underlined]], as it certainly had yellow on abdomen. [[insertion line]] Some of these Alders were [[underlined]] Alnus incana [[/underlined]].
[[underlined]] Rhogogaster viridis [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]] common
[[underlined]] Strongylogaster lineata [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]]

Phaeogenes? or Diadromes 1 [[female symbol]] = cf [[underlined]] Diadromes varicolor [[/underlined]] [[female symbol]]
Cryptus? 1 [[female symbol]] = cf [[underlined]] Idiolispa analis [[/underlined]]?

[[underlined]] Perithous divinator [[/underlined]] 1 [[male symbol]] 
[[underlined]] Pimpla elegans [[/underlined]], only 1 [[male symbol]], at 2. [ [[underlined]] P. [[crenlatoria?]] [[/underlined]]  [[insertion]] - not labelled ? in store! [[female symbol]]? ] P. [[blank space]] 1 [[female symbol]] at 2.
[[underlined]] P. depositor [[/underlined]] ? 1 [[female symbol]] on alder, at 1. [[underlined]] P. instigator [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]] at 2.
[[underlined]] P. roborator [[/underlined]] 1 [[male symbol]] (J.F.P.) 1 [[male symbol]] at 2 on oak.
[[underlined]] Polysphincta tuberosa [[/underlined]] 2 [[2 male symbols]] at 2 on oak & willow.

[[underlined]] Triclistus globulipes [[/underlined]] 1 on alder at 1.

[[underlined]] Schizoloma capitata [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]] at 1 on alder.

! Hornet Clearwing moth at 2, watched for some time but missed! 
Small black Dipteroa mistaken for a [[underlined]] Crabro [[/underlined]]!
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