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20th Aug. 1944. 

Mainly dull & cooler, but a nice afternoon with some rain, strong NE. wind;  after an early NW-NE jam & rain in Dublin at 8-30-9-0 AM., but no rain at Crumlin & no rain S. of Jobstown till we were within a mile of Athdown, where a jam formed & misty rain wet all the upper Liffey Valley above Ballysmuttan Bridge.  

Left home on bikes at 9.20, with wind behind & reached Ballysmuttan in 2 hours or less, then took our time to let shower pass.  Arrived at Athdown at 12 noon where everything dripping & collecting impossible except on lee side of trees & bushes.  Stayed till about 5.20 & arrived home at 7 against stiff NE. wind.
Collected in 4 areas as follows:-

1 = various places on right bank of R. Liffey, below the footstick, chiefly off hazel & oak on S. side of the "dun"
2 = dry bank along upper side of corn-hay field just NE of the dun = station (3)13.8.44.
3 = amongst Salix aurita &c., on flat 1/4 mile 


W. of the "dun", on level of R. Liffey; including the patch of Chrysanthemum segetum on edge of cornfield, &c.
4. Alder wood - J.P. Brunker says this is an old burying place or "Killeen" - on flat at 3 on right bank of & not far from Liffey:  mainly swept off lower branches of alder trees;  a few off birch;  one off pine;  a few out of surrounding rushy ditch.  Alders terribly eaten & full of sawfly & other larvae!
Athdown, Co. WI.
Taken at 1. 
[17 mounted from 1 & these labelled 18.12.1947!]

Cryptinids 6: 3 mtd. = Hemiteles cf. gracilis group  1♀︎, ant. 20 
Pezomachus sp. wingless  ♂︎, ant. 20.
Atractodes or Stilpnus sp.  ♂︎ ant. 20.
Pimpla flavicoxis  ♂︎ with almost yellow scutellum: not mtd.
P. brevicornis  1 small ♀︎: not mtd.
Lampronota  ♂︎: not mtd
Lissonota  ♀︎: not mtd.
Alexeter  ♂︎, reddish scutellum: not mtd
Homocidus pallipes  ♂︎: not mtd.
Campoplegids  2♀︎♀︎: none mtd.

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