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[[checkmark]] de FREY, Dr. A.C. Hotel Alrae, 37 East 64th. St. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DURAND RUEL, Att. Mr. Herbert H. Elfers, 12 East 57th. St. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark o -]] DE BRAUX, Georges, [[handwritten: 1718 Locust St. Phila Pa. [[checkmark]] make card -]]

[[checkmark]] DANFORTH, Mrs. Murray S. 105 Prospect St. Providence, R.I. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DE BATZ, Mr. Georges 11 East 57th St. [[checkmark]]

[[-]] DE PLANTA  [[handwritten: not sent no address]]

[[checkmark]] DE KOENIGSBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas, 787 Fifth Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DREY, Paul, 11 East 57th. St. [[checkmark]]

[[strikethrough]] DURLACHER, Brothers, 11 East 57th. St. [[/strikethrough]] [[checkmark]] [[handwritten: no]]

[[checkmark o checkmark]] DAILEY, Mrs. Lois Orswell, Villa Rugosa, Narragansett, R.I. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DE HAUKE, Mr. Cesar M., 18 East 77 [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DELIUS GALLERY, 116 East 57th. St. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DUVEEN BROTHERS INC. 720 Fifth Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DEREPPE, Mr. , Demotte Inc. 39 East 51st St. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DI SEGNI, Mr. Leopoldo 32 East 57th. St. [[checkmark]] [[handwritten: make card]]

[[checkmark]] DUNLAP, Charles E. 102 East 73rd. St. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DUBOURG, Jacques 126 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DE SCHAUENSEE, Baron and Baroness Rudolphe M. - So. Devon Ave. Devon, Penn. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DIXON, Mrs. Fitzeugene "Rouaele Manor" Elkins Park, Phila. Pa. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DABER, Mr. Alfred. 103 Boulevard Haussmann [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DAVIDSON, Mrs. Howard, 3238 R. St. N.W. Washington D.C. (Please Forward) [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DREIER, Miss Katherine, 130 So. River St. Milford Connecticut [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DE LANGLEY, Mrs. Helen, [[strikethrough]] 325 East 72nd. St. [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] DI TELLA, Mr. and Mrs. Torcuato, Ave. de Mayo 1302, Buenos Aires, Argentina [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] [[handwritten: d'Harnoncourt - Museum of Modern Art NY]]

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