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[[two checkmarks]] SMITH COLLEGE MUSEUM OF ART, Prof. Henry Russell Hitchcock, Northampton Mass. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] STERN, Mr. Fred A. 230 Central Park West. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SUIDA, Dr. William E. S.H. Kress Foundation, 221 West57 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] FINE ARTS SOCIETY OF SAN DIEGO, Mr. Reginald Poland, Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] Stern, Mr. Alfred K. 115 Central Park [[strikethrough]]West[[/strikethrough]] ^[[South]]. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SAIDENBERG, Mrs. Daniel, 45 East 82. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] STERN, Mr. Kurt M., 815 Park Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SHARPE, Mrs. Henry D. 84 Prospect St. Providence, R.I. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] STORA, Mr. Raphael, 471 Park Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SHOOLMAN, Miss Regina, 115 East 92 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SELIGMAN of Gimbels or Kende? ^[[Fredrick Seligmann c/o Hammer Gall. Inc.]]

[[two checkmarks]]SCHEMPP, Mr. Theodore, Hotel Langdon, Fifth Ave. and 56 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SMITH, Mr. Gordon M. Currier Gallery of [[strikethrough]]unintelligible[[/strikethrough]] Art, 192 Orange St. Manchester, N.H. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SCHAMBERG, Mrs. Morton, 271 Cary Ave. Highland Park, Chicago, Ill. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] STERN, Louis E. 444 E 52 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] STRALEM, Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. 941 Park Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SACHS,  Mr. Arthur, 33 rue de l'Universite, Paris [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SACHS, Prof. Paul J. Widener Library, Room F, Cambridge, Mass. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SPAETH, Mr. and Mrs. Otto L. 640 Park Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SCHAEFFER, Dr. Hans S. 52 E 58 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] STENDAHL GALLERIES, 7055 Hillside Ave. Hollywood, Calif. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SALZ, Mr. Sam 1111 Park Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] STRAUS, Mrs. Herbert N. 960 Fifth Ave. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SCHONEMAN, Dr. Jos. Schoneman Galleries, 73 East 57 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks over dash]] SCHAEFER, Bertha, 32 East 57 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SILBERMAN, E & A. Galleries Inc. 32 E 57 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] ST. ETIENNE GALLERY, Dr. Otto Kallir 46 W 57 [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SCOTT, Mr. Edgar, Villa Nova, Pa. [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SCHOFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 18 East Pearson St. Chicago [[checkmark]]

[[two checkmarks]] SINKLER, Mrs. Wharton, "Thornbury" Elkins Park, Philadelphia Pa. [[checkmark]]

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