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Bensunon Gaston
515 Park

[[left column]]
[[diagonal line through text below]]

[[circled]]4[[/circled]] de Frey, Dr. A. C. Hotel Alrae
37 E 64

Durand Ruel- Herbert H. Elfers 12 E. 57

[[circled]]3[[/circled]] de Brant Georges

[[circled]]2[[/circled]] Danforth Mrs. Murray S.
105 Prospect St.

de Batz Georges 11 E 57.
Geo de Batz & Co.

de Planta -

de Koenigsberg -Nicolas 787 5th.

[[strikethrough]]R[[/strikethrough]] Drey, Paul 11 E 57

Durlacher 11 E 57.

Orswell [[strikethrough]]D[[/strikethrough]]
Mrs. Lois Darley Villa Rugosa
Narragansett. R.I.

Cesar de Hanke 18 E. 77.

Delius Gallery 116 East 57

Duveen 720 5th Ave.

Mr. Deieppe Demotte Inc. 39 E 51

di Segni, Leopoldo 32 E 57

Dunlap Charles E. 102 E 73

Dubourg - Jacques 126 Blvd. Haussmann

de Schauensee, Baron et Baroness Rudolphe M. So. Devon Ave.
Devon, Pa.

Dixon, Mrs Fitzeugene "Rouaele Manor"
Elkins Pk. Pa.

[[/diagonal line]]
[[/left column]]

[[right column]]

Cooper Drury W.
233 Bway

Cushman, Mr & Mrs. Paul
115 E 67

[[diagonal line through text below]]

[[strikethrough]] Dan Cavaliers 
Cullas 1692 B.A. Gagauton[[/strikethrough]]

Clowes Dr. G.H.A. 
Golden Hill  
[[strikethrough]]Highland[[/strikethrough]] Ind.

[[strikethrough]] Camperas Luis Maria [[/strikethrough]] Saavedro

Campbell [[strikethrough]]Fla[[/strikethrough]] Arthur B.
237 Worth Ave.
Palm Beach Fla

Cunningham, Chas - Hartford
Wadworth Atteneune

Chaillone Jansen Inc.
Mr Francis 1 E 57.

[[strikethrough]] Colin [[/strikethrough]]

Choate Mabel 770 PK.
[[strikethrough]] or Naumkeag Stockbridge Mass [[/strikethrough]]

Carre, Louis (to Paris) 10 Ave. du Messine

Cook Dr Prof. Walter S.
Van Doorn 17 E 80

Cassel [[strikethrough]] Van Doorn [[/strikethrough]] Baron 
Jevington Manor 240 Broad St. Englewood

Kenneth Clark - Upper Terrace
House Hampstead N. W. 3 England

Clifford Henry - Phila Mus of
Art [[strikethrough]]sp[[/strikethrough]] Pkwy & Sprg Garden St.

Colin, Ralph F.
941 Park Ave


Chapellier George 48 E. 57

Clark, Mrs Wm. A.
907 5th Ave.

Calley, Mrs Meric 168 E 68.

Cunningham John J. 112 E 54

Charell, Ludwig 40 E 63.

[[strikethrough]] Chailloux, Jan[[?]] [[/strikethrough]]

Clark, Mrs Huguette M.
907 Fifth Ave.

Cross Mrs. John W. 22 E 47

[[/diagonal line]]
[[/right column]]

[[circled]]1[[/circled]] Raber, Alfred 103 Blvd Haussmann Paris 

Davidson, Mrs Howard, 3238 R St., N.W. Washington, D.C. (of Dayton) [[P?]] "Please Forward"


Transcription Notes:
There are two columns. I am transcribing the left one first then the right.

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