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331 Dryobates villosus

Chimney Swift

Red-eyed Vireo
Yellow throated Vireo

Hairy Woodpecker

Black & White Warbler

332. Ardea virescens

333. Zenaidura macroura

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Aug. 5, Friday.

331. Dryobates villosus. A. Wetmore, Hawk Creek, North Freedom, Wis, iris brown. bill black base of mandible lighter, tarsus dark slaty blue. Length 8 7/8 wing 4 3/4 tail 2 3/4 [[male symbol]] im. stomach contents. insects.

This morning after breakfast I went over to the Millpond and then up Hawk Creek. Chimney Swifts were common until the woods were entered. They were seen either high up or low down indifferently.

Red-eyed & Yellow-throated Vireos were very abundant. I saw and heared them everywhere. Other birds however were scarce. The only thing I shot was a Hairy Woodpecker. It had very little white on the back.

Saw a Black & White Warbler with a flock of Chicadees. I shot at it but did not secure it. 

August. 8, Monday.

332. Ardea virescens. A. Wetmore, Millpond, North Freedom, Wis, iris yellow. space around eye green. behind nostril & base of mandible greenish yellow. Maxilla black. stripe on side of mandible and another near tip same. sides of maxilla & rest of mandible grayish brown. tarsus & crus rather dull green. underside of toes yellow. Length 18 3/8 wing 7 1/2 tail 2 3/8 [[male symbol]] ad. stomach contents 2 1/2 in. sunfish & large beetle

333. Zenaidura macroura. A. Wetmore, Hanger's Point, Millpond North Freedom, Wis, iris brown. bill black. tarsus dull red.
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