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migratory instinct

Song Sparrow, Bluebird, Catbird, Bobolink


Song Sparrow

Green Heron

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Length 10 3/4 wing 5 1/2 tail 4 1/2 ♀ ad. stomach contents. wheat & apple seeds. This morning after breakfast I went out to the Millpond. Birds were very restless and noisy. It was quite cold and probably the instinct of migration was aroused in them making them uneasy. There was more motion among than I have noticed before in a long while. Robins, Song Sparrows, Bluebirds, Catbirds, and Bobolinks seemed to be affected the most. Warblers were not flying however. At the pond I several times heard Yellowlegs whistle but they were so high up that I did not see them.
Young song sparrows are just beginning to become noticeable. Generally they are in small parties of six or eight. I noticed two such groups in an oatfield, feeding near the edge. When startled they took refuge in the bushes and kept flying up ahead of me. Both flocks contained one or two old birds. 

About half-way up the pond I heard a harsh [[underline]] [[?]] [[/underline]] and saw two green Herons fly from one tree to another just out of range. They did this several times and finally flew out of sight. I kept on and on coming to an opening saw one sitting on a log in the water. It flew and I shot but missed. Then it lit in a tree and I secured it at long range. I saw the other one
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