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[[2 columns]]
[[center]] -8-

[[left column]]
Abercrombie & Fitch Co
Madison Ave & 45th St
New York, N Y

Acme Machinery Co
^[[4533 St. Clair]]
Cleveland, Ohio

Eleanor Adair
601 Madison Ave
New York, N Y

J Adelson & Sons
148 Madison Ave
New York, N Y

Advance Machine Co
4641 Ravenswood
Chicago, Ill

Ajaz Manufacturing Co
^[[Chardon Road]]
Cleveland, Ohio

Alaska Refrigerator Co
Muskegon, Mich

Aldred & Co
40 Wall Street
New York, N Y

[[section crossed out]]
The Proctor & Gamble Co
^[[Gwynne Bldg]] ^[[Hugh P King,Mgr  Export Dept  NYC]]
Cincinnati, Ohio

Allied Machinery Exchange
210 Center St
New York, N Y

Allied Packers, Inc
3830 So Michigan Ave
Chicago, Ill

Alsdorf Corp
223 W Jackson
Chicago, Ill

U S Salvage Association, Inc
99 John Street
New York, N Y

^[[check mark]] American Chicle Co
30-30 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City, N Y

American Diamond Lines
39 Broadway
New York, N Y

[[right column]]
American Potash & Chemical Co
70 Pine St
New York, N Y

American Saw Manufacturing Co
Springfield, Mass

American Tool & Machine Co
Beach Street
Boston, Mass

American Shipping Co
8 Bridge Street
New York, N Y

Anderson Bros Manufacturing Co
Rockford, Illinois

Anderson, Clayton &Co
Houston, Texas

Antman & Bart
550 Seventh Ave
New York, N Y

Armstrong Bros Tool Co
3k7 North Francisco
Chicago, Ill

[[section crossed out]]
Armstrong Cork Co
Lancaster, Penna  ^[[H.W. Prentis Jr  Pres]]

Armstrong Paint & Varnish Co
1330 So Kilbourn Ave
Chicago, Ill

^[[check mark]] Art Metal Construction Co
Jamestown, N Y

Arter Grinding Machine Co
Worcester, Mass  ^[[AB O'Donnell  Sales Mgr]]

^[[check mark]] United Artists Corp
729 Seventh Ave
New York, N Y

Asbury Mills
1410 Broadway
New York, N Y

Manning, Maxwell & Moore
46th St & 12th Ave
New York, N Y

The Atlantic Seed Co
^[[Delaware Ave]]
Philadelphia, Penna

[[section crossed out]]
Auburn Automobile Co
Auburn, Indiana

Transcription Notes:
Typing error, but transcribed as written: Armstrong Bros Tool Co was located at 317 (not 3k7) North Francisco, Chicago (

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