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[[center]] -12-

Hartmann Trunks
Oshkosh, Wis
^[[SS Brill Export Mgr]]

[[entry x'd out]]
Sinclair Consolidated Oil Co
45 Nassau Street ^[[L.W. Sanford, VP]]
New York, N Y

Health Products Corp
Newark, N J

[[entry x'd out]]
The Wheatena Company
Rahway, N J ^[[A.R. Wendell, V-P]]

[[entry x'd out]]
Standard Brands, Inc
595 Madison Avenue ^[[Corwin Wickersham V.P]]
New York, N Y

Sun-Maid Raisins, Inc
Fresno, Calif

[[entry x'd out]]
The Shredded Wheat Co
Niagara Falls, N Y

Hendey Machine Co
Torrington, Conn

Henry & Wright Man facturing Co
Hartford, Conn

Hess Bros
Allentown, Penna

G Hirsch Sons, Inc
417 Fifth Ave
New York, N Y

Hobart Manufacturing Co
Troy, Ohio

[[squiggle line crossing out entry]]
Hoffman Pressing Machine Corp
Wilmington, Delaware

^[[checkmark]] Hoosier Manufacturing Co
Newcastle, Ind

E F Houghton & Co
^[[240 W Somerset St.   Aaron E. Carpenter]]
Philadelphia, Penna

National Pneumatic Co
420 Lexington Ave
New York, N Y

[[entry x'd out]]
^[[checkmark]] General Foods Corp
250 Park Ave ^[[checkmark]]
New York, N Y

La Montagne, Inc
25 West 43rd St
New York, N Y