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Atlapetes, I. 

[[green scribble]] = leucopterus

[[margin - green scribble down entire left margin]]
blackish sooty
pure black
grayish mottling or streaking 

San Antonio
Ca. de Quito
Afternoon, August 4, 1959

We came across a small flock (at least 4 or 5) of these birds, in the brush along a small river in the arid temperate zone.

Very active and restless birds. As far as I could tell (and I never got too overwhelmingly good a view of the birds), they moved about just like the Chlorospingus at Chiriqui.

The most distinctive feature of these birds, if they really were a species of Chlorospingus, was their comparative silence. They gave a lot of "Jut" CN's when just moving about in the bushes, and accelerated bursts of at least 5 or 6 rapid "Jut" CN's when flying between adjacent bushes (three accelerated series were far too slow, however, to be called an "R" of any sort); but all three "Jut"s were relatively soft.

When we first came across these birds, they were feeding on the ground and low in some trees (willows) near some [[Chiricols?]] and some individuals of a Conirostrum species. When the whole group

Transcription Notes:
image - labeled sketch of leucopterus