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Holbein, The Mill Louvre
[[ditto for Holbein]] Anna, Middl[[??]]
[[ditto for Holbein]] [[??]] Amsterdam
Graef, [[????]]
[[Mauve??]] - Sheep 
[[ditto for Mauve??]] Sand[[??]] Sheep
Metsu The Cook
Mureveld Fam[[?]] Graf

x Night watch detail
x Rembrandt & Saskia, Dresden
x Anatomy Lesson
x [[ditto for Anatomy Lesson]] Detal 3 heads
x [[ditto for Anatomy Lesson]] Prof [[?]]
x portrait of a Young woman. St P.
x Man with bonnet de fourrier
x Le Grande descent de Gove ^[[St P.]]
x Reconciliation of Esau & Jacob St P.
X The Good Samaritan Louvre
X Marriage of Samson Dresden

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X Sacrifice of Abraham St P
Landscape London - reg [[??]]
like [[?? ??]]
Ruysdael View of a River
(mill) Amsterdam
[[ditto for Ruysdael]] The Ruined Cottage

X Ribarg [[oerschie?]]
(????]][[ Millet)
X Steen Festival of St Nicholas
[[ditto for Steen]] Merry Party Amsterdam
X [[ditto for Steen]] Garden of the [[Inn?]]
X [[ditto for Steen]] a Terrace Scene, Nat Gal
Terburg. The Duet
Van der Meer
Young Woman Reading a letter
759.4 V28.4
Van der Velde Cannonshot
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