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Italian Sculpture
X Sarcophaus from [[underlined]]Vicoro[[/underlined (?) Rome
Roman, hunt f wild boar
Cellini, Perseus, Loggia Lanzi - Fl
- St Matthew, Acad. Flo.
by Michelangelo -(The half finished front face one that I have)

French Sculpture
[[underlined]]Goujan[[/underlined]] The 6 [[??]] Nymphs
3 clay sketches for Calais monuments
X 1 clay sketch   figure
X whole group on Pedestel
Bourgeois of Calais
XX whole group seen close
X The poet
X Gates of Hell
American Sculpture
French. Death of the Sculptor
MacMannis Bacchante
St Gaudens Shaw Monument

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[[underlined]]Japanese prints[[/underlined]]
X Koria, detail of [[??]] Senses Berlin
Spanish Paintings
Cano, St. John Evangelist
X Coello, Infanta Isabella Prado
Goya, Family of Charles V
X [[ditto for Goya]] Las Manalos
[[ditto for Goya]] La [[Teriana?]]
[[ditto for Goya]] The Maja Nudi
[[ditto for Goya The Maja]] Clothed
X Herresa - St Basil
Murillo Imm Conception Louvre
[[ditto for Murillo Imm Conception]] Madrid
[[ditto for Murillo]] Head of Trojan, Prado
X [[ ditto for Murillo]] Les enfants a la Cognille
2 boys & lamb
[[ditto for Murillo]] Holy Family - Louvre
X Ribera Xt at the Tom
Roelas. Conception Dresden
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