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No. 4.

Hunting in Stormy Day,
painted on silk by Lee Shien Hsi of the Sung dynasty
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Lee Shien Hsi, also named Lee Chen, a member of the royal House of the Tang, being self-exiled and having his abode at Ying Chiu where the landscape sceneries are the most exquisite.

Lee Chen was an expert in painting landscapes and in this work he tried to depict a mountainous scenery, subsequent to heavy snowfall, when a hunter was riding along with bow and arrow, aiming at the flying birds in the sky--the wild geese.Across the stream there was a cottage or two and two hermits dining therein.

The eight characters:"Feng Sueh Chu Nieh Wan Li Feng Hou"are remarkable as being Lee Chen's own writing.

This has been admired by all art connoisseurs  and purchased at a high price.