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^[[Examine again O.K. S.[[?I]].

No. 10.
Hermit's Life, painted on silk by Hsia Yu Yu of the Sung dynasty. ^[[L]][[strikethrough]]h[[/strikethrough]]. 51.4" in. w. 19.4" in.

[[short horizontal line]]

Hsia Yu Yu also named Hsia Kwei whose life has been given in another connection, was skilled in painting human figures and landscapes scapes. In the latter he followed Fang Kuan. He has been considered the best painter since Lee Tang.

This depicts some grand old pine trees and in the midst an hermit strolling along, followed by his page with ^[[a]] zither[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]]. On the mountain slopes, cottages scattered here and there , all painted painted in the black and white finish in which Hsia Yu Yu excells. The seals on the side are those of Shiang Tze King, a noted art collecter of the Ming dynasty.