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Sung: 957-1278 A.D.
Fishing on a Spring Morn, painted on silk by Sung Kao Tsung Emperor.
^ [[L]] [[strikethrough]] h [[/strikethrough]] 86" in w.47.1" in.

Emperor Kao Tsung ^[[was]] the ninth prince of Hwei Tsung of the Sung dynasty.  At first he was granted the title of King of Kang and since the Imperial seat was removed to South China, this prince had succeeded to the Throne. As Hwei Tsung Emperor was the first Chinese Emperor who was skilled in painting, Kao Tsung had obtained the art a good deal from family associations, becoming afterwards an expert in painting landscape and human figures.
This depicts two fishing boats in the middle of a water; the fish fishermen throwing their nets into the water.  Another fisherman holding a rod, was standing near by and the fourth man standing on the head of the boat looking into the distance.  
The distant mountain sceneries contrasted witht the shallow beach gives one the most calm impression, and the trees on the back ground were in rich profusely foliage.
Signed by Kao Tsung himself and well commented by expert artists as being a genuine original product.