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[[underlined]] ^[[S.I.]] [[/underlined]] ^[[depicting a place of great historical interest.]]

No. 14.

Travellers in Shensi, painted on silk by Hsu Tao Ling

^[[L]] [[strikethrough]] h [[/strikethrough]]. 63.4"in. w.28.5" in.

[[short line]]

Hsu Tao Ling was noted as an expert in painting landscapes after the style of Lee Chen. This work depicts travellers on their journey, arranging their goods somewhere within the limits of the Szechuen and Shensi provinces.

In the distance, between two high mountain peaks was the world-noted Han Ku Pass. The goods carts were drawn by donkeys hitched in one harness; there having been villages and country inns here and there and the travellers were taking their rest at this place after a long journey: some unloading their goods and other feeding the beasts of burden. The whole view gives one a vivid impression of the interior country life andtravelling.

There was a verse written by a well known poet Liu Tsih and the seal being that of Kia Sze Tao, prime minister of the Sung dynasty in whose collection this picture had been kept. This is considered one of the best paintings of mountain life in China.