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No. 21.
Pau Chiau Bridge in Snow Storm
painted by Woo Tsing Chen of the Sung dynasty
^[[L]] [[strikethrough]]h[[/strikethrough]]. 75" in. w. 37"in.
[[short line]]

Woo Tsing Chen, a native of Kiangnan of the period of the south Sung dynasty, a probationer of the Imperial Art Academy, skilled in painting landscapes and snow sceneries.

Pau Chiao Bridge is a historical place in the province of Shensi, an important roadway leading to the provincial city. This depicts a hermit on the bridge in brilliant red costume and broad-brimmed straw hat on donkey back, followed by page with a load. At foot of the mountain ranges, there was a cottage from which great dis distance could be reached. On the right there was a peak on top which which [[strikethrough]] [[there]] [[/strikethrough]] the pass winds it way in and out.

The whole scene gives an impression of frosty, snow days: all plants were withhering.