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No. 22 Three Maples, painted on silk by Chang Ten Li of the Sung dynasty
^[[L]] [[strikethrough]]h[[/strikethrough]]. 69.6 "in. w. 34.6" in.
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Change Teng Li who was married to the Imperial princess of the Ying Tsung Emperor of the north Sung dynasty, was skilled in painting landscapes after the style of Lee Tang, and a [[strikethrough]]n[[/strikethrough]] expert in human figures and rockeries, following the style of Ku Hu Teo and Lu Tang Wei. All his productions were life-like.

The story goes that Wang Yiu, minister of War of the north Sung dynasty, planted three maple trees in his yard saying that three of his descendents would be powerful minister^[[s]] of state, one after the other which did come true in the person of his son Wang Tang and grandson Wang Su, successive prime minister^[[s]] of state, having been granted titles of Duke.

This depicts three maples along one row with profuse leaves and foliage with cottages lined around. Until the present day, all the Wang families are [[strikethrough]] [[fond?]] [[/strikethrough]] proud of the three maples tradition.