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^[[very important-]]

No. 30.
Returning from the Fields, painted on silk by Chu Yih.

^[[L]][[strikethrough]]h[[/strikethrough]]. 60 "in. w. 38.2" in.


Chu Yih was a native of the Kiangsu Province and an expert in painting buffaloes,  all his works are of a distinguished order.

This depicts two towering willow tress with boughs hangings down, an old buffalo boy on back of a buffalo, followed by a herd of buffaloes as well as a young one walking abreast. In the centre of the picture there is another buffalo boy and followed by two comrades, riding together.

With the sun setting in the distance and flock of birds retiring to their nests in the trees, these farming children were returning from the fields, singing merrily country songs of their own.