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No. 36.
Fishing Road, painted by Leo Kuan of the Sung dynasty.
1.53.6" w. 37.4" in.

Leo Kuan of the Hangc^[[h]]ow district, also a probationer of the Imperial Art Academy, was a skilled painter, a successful follower of the Ma Hsia School. This depicts a fisherman's boat on the mountain stream water, below the precipice and the fisherman rod in hand, was sitting on the deck. In the distance water ducks and other birds are flopping their wings over the clear springs.

An excellenct specimen of landscape and birds life combined.
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No. 37.
"Hsi Chiao Shien Tiao" (Two Mountain Climbers)
painted by Mi Fei of the Sung dynasty.
1. 104"in. w. 38" in.

Mi Fei also named, Mi Yuan Chang, a native of Hsiang Yang, considered to be the best Chinese painter of the Sung dynasty. In his paintings of landscapes Mi was fond of using heavy ink to depict clouds, a distinction altogether his own. In this picture, there were shown two gentlemen on the mountain bridgem, one with cane in hand and the other was apparently looking into the distance.