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No. 38.
A Study of Birds
painted on silk by Tang Shu of the Sung dynasty
^[[L]][[strikethrough]]h[[/strikethrough]]. 62.6" in. w. 37.7" in.


Tang Shu, grandson of the noted painter Tang Hsi Yah, has secured the secret of painting abilities in family. He was skilled in birds, flowe rs and bamboos.

This depicts a few bamboos by a detailed pen with sprouts shooting from the ground and especially two almost bamboo-like sprouts sticking ^[[out]] from the earth, more prominent than the rest.

Besides there are seven yellow birds: some flying and others quietly perching on the branches, all life-like only possible with an expert.

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^[[V.F, but small - possibly a fragment]]

^[[Observe perfect use of reserved silk]]

No. 39.
A Study of Birds, painted by Tai Wong of the Sung dynasty, 1. 22" in. w. 41.4" in.


Tai Wong of the Hwei Tsung period, an Imperial painter of the north Sung dynasty, was skilled in painting flowers, bamboos and birds. This depicts an old prune tree with boughs hanging down, and the bamboos formed the background with four birds singing their songs, as if to complain of the cold.