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Very important]]

No. 44.
Lo Han Buddha painted by Wang Hwang of the Sung dynasty.
^[[L. 50 in. W 24 1/2 in.]]

Wang Hwang was skilled in painting Buddhist figures, well known by his pen name as ^[[underline]] Siao Wu Tao Tze.[[/underline]] This depicts a Buddha figure of a maginificent face, standing in front of a withered tree; a work unrivalled in all times.

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V.I. portrait of a legendary man]]

No. 45.
Portrait of Lu Tung Ping, a legendary man, painted ^[[by]] Liang Shai .
l. 65.4" in. w. 27.4" in.


Liang Shai of the Kia Tai period of the south Sung dynasty, probationer of the  Imperial Art Academy  and constant recipient of I_perial gifts, was skilled in painting human figures, buddhist and taoist figures of gods. This depicts the national legendary man Lu Tung Ping in his long beards and with loose and floating garments, a work admired by all the later artitsts.