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^[[S.I. - Important.]]

No. 48.
Reception Room, painted by Wang Hsi of the Sung dynasty.
1. 33" in. w. 24.1" in.

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Wang Hsi, also named Tsing Ching, was married to the Princess of Wei of the north Sung dynasty. He copied the style [[insert]]in[[/insert]] painting landscapes and figures from General Lee of the Tang dynasty.

This depicts a row of pavilions; behind [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] which lie the mountain ranges and in^[[/]]front a beautiful lake. Sitting against the windows are four gentlemen having their regular vists together. The pages are shown to serve tea.

^[[Traces of mildew remain, which doubtless it was found impossible to remove.]]

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^[[underline]]very important.[[/underline]]

No. 49.
Hawks, painted ^[[by]] Wang Shiao of the Sung dynasty. 1.39.4" in. w. 23.6"


Wang Shiao was skilled in painting birds of the style of KUo Chuen Hwei. This depicts a pair of Hawks, one standing on a high rock and the other on a horizontal branch of a tree with the plumage painted in full details---the hawk's bill and the piercing fearful eyes combine to give one the impression that the picture has been excellenctly drawn.