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[[two half sheets, 1st sheet]]


No. 58.
Three Sheep, painted by Yih Yuan Chi of the Sung dynasty
l. 58.3" in. w. 29" in.


Yih Yuan Chi a native of Changsha, was fond of keeping water birds and animals for the purpose of studying their actions and movements.

His paintings were prized owing to the excellence attained by him that denied other artists. "Three Sheep" in Chinese was a symbol for "Prosperity and Happiness".

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No. 59.
Plant Life in Autumn, painted by Yang Pu Chi of the Sung dynasty
l. 11".4 in. w. 22.2" in.


Yang Pu Chi, also named Yang [[?W or Y]]u Chiu, well known as "[[?T or Y]]ao Chang Lao Ren", was skilled in paintings of blck and white finish.

This depicts plants and flowers during the autumn season which are very attractive.  Well c mmented by the leading scholar Wen Chen Ming of the Ming dynasty.