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Chow Pi (jade ring)
diametre 6.4"in thickness 2/10"in.


By the term "Pi" it meant a piece of flat circular jade with a hole in the centre, used by the ancients when offering sacrifice to the gods, or sometimes buried in the tomb.  This was excavated at Hsia Hsi of Chekiang and procured by the late Viceroy Tuan Fang.

It is of whitish substance with yellowish tinge along the sides, having earth mould on the edges -- a rare specimen of jade.

No. 85.
Chow Ku Pi
diametre 4.3" in. thickness 1/10" in.


This Pi was also decorated with grains of rise similar to other jade Pi's, indicating the emphasis laid on the art of agriculture by the ancient Chinese monarchs.

It is of brilliant white color, and was excavated in Shensi and procured by the late Viceroy Tuan Fang.