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No. 97.
Jade Ring
diame [[cross out]] 3.1" in. thickness 5/10" in.

[[handwritten [[Marvellous orange Rd in spots]]]]

This ring was also the property of the late Viceroy Tuan Fang being excavated from An Hsi of Chekiang. It has color of old ivory, having also a coat of earth mould. I is well know that there are inexistence fever "Yuans" or rings than "Pi's", hence the former are to be prized.
It dates back 2,800 years.

No. 98.
Jade Ring
w. 3" in thickness 5/10 1/2" in.

This jade ring was used by the high officials of old as a hand ornament, having the color of old ivory and covered with a coat of earth mould. In shape it is different from a Pi which has a hole in the centre: a Yuan or ring however, has a large size hold in the centre, the sides are narrow. This was procured by H. E. Tuan Fang.