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Chow Ting
1. 20" in. w. 3.5" in.

This gem sceptre was excavated from Shanse. It is of jade substance of dark gray color, due to its long contact with earh underground. The shape of a Ting resembles that of a "Kwei", but is bigger in size. It also looks like a knife, having no blades. It was an ornament which the ancients attached to the girdles.

No. 102.
Jade Ox--Han dynasty

h.3# in. w. 4.3" in.

This was excavated at An Hsi, of Chekiang and procured by the late Viceroy. It is made of pure white jade , with a coat of strange colored earth mould. Its exquisite shape and excellent workmanship has made it a valuable article.