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^[[pencil marks consisting of x and + signs in unintelligible pattern]]

Han Pi
diametre 10"in. thickness 3/10"in.


^[[Traces of paint very beautiful notwithstanding decoration and possible damage [[underline]]by fire[[/underline]]

This jade Pi was excavated at Lo Yang, Honan by a farmer and sold to the late Viceroy. It is of blackish color with an outer coat of pinkish white.

It is of exquisite coloring and  and extraordinary size, dating back 2,000 years--a rare specimen of jade of its kind.

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No. 110.
Chow Ting
1. 13" in. w. 3.4" in.

^[[unintelligible pencil marking]]
^[[Girdle ornament]]


This was a jade ornament attached to their girdles by the monarchs of the Chow dynasty. It is over a foot in length, having three holes in the centre for the purpose of passing threads through.

The jade is of the famous"wu tsai brilliance" (five-colored), being excavated from An Hsi of Chekiang. As it dates back over 3000 years, it is a rare jade antique.